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How to adjust the amount of feed in shrimp culture

- The use of feeding tray is very important to check the amount of feed, reflect the feeding possibility, health, and survival rates of shrimp, as well as conditions at the bottom of the pond.

- Feeding tray is usually a net with a square or round steel frame with edges’ height no more than 5 cm. The area of a feeding tray is usually from 0.4 to 0.6 m2. Feeding tray should be placed close to the bottom of the pond, where it is clean and slightly far away from the pond edges. Depending on the area and density, one or more feeding trays can be placed in pond (For farming period, the amount of feed intake and inspection time: see table 6 and 7).

- How to feed: Shrimp tends to eat in places that are cleaned by paddlewheel aerator. Thus, provide feed for shrimp where it is clean; avoid feeding in dirty places or near edges of the pond.

Note: Depending on the actual situation, including pond environment, weather, etc., increase or decrease the amount of feed for a day accordingly.

Check food and handling

Check the feeding tray
How to handle the next feeding time
If shrimp eat all the feed  ->
Increase 5% the amount of feed for the next feeding time
If the feed leftover is 10%  ->
Keep the same amount of feed
If the feed leftover is around 11 - 25%
Reduce 10% the amount of feed for the next feeding time
If the feed leftover is around 26 - 50%
Reduce 30% the amount of feed for the next feeding time
If the feed leftover is more than 50%
Stop feeding the next time

The amount of feed and periods of checking time:

Farming period (days)
The amount of feed put in feeding trays
Checking period (hours)
21 – 60
10gr/01kg feed
2.5 – 2.0
61 – 90
15gr/01kg feed
2.0 – 1.5
20gr/01kg feed
1.5 –1.0

Note: On days when weather changes, such as severe rainy or sunny days, feed only 70-80% of the amount of required feed for shrimp. Observing shrimp’s molting period to reduce the amount food intake, and increase after the molting process finish. From the 35th day and onwards, feed only 70-80% of the feed required.

Source: Temporary process for safe brackish-water shrimp farming in areas affected by diseases in Vietnam. According to The Official Dispatch No. 10/TCTS-NTTS. January 6th, 2015. Vietnamese Directorate of Fisheries.

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