Saturday, June 11, 2016

What are the advantages of White Shrimp ??

A key issue in understanding the rapid spread of White Shrimp through Asia is to understand the specific advantages White Shrimp enjoys compared to Black Tiger in shrimp farming. Several important factors of biology that strongly favor White Shrimp for farming include: White Shrimp nutritional requirements are less expensive to satisfy. Lower protein feed can be used with White Shrimp. Further, White Shrimp greatly benefits from pond ecosystem- generated food. While not well understood, White Shrimp’s feeding behavior and waste metabolism generates a healthy “nutritious” ecosystem that actually supplements White Shrimp growth. A second key factor is White Shrimp is amenable to high stocking densities. This is some what dependent on the ecosystem factor but is also a result of White Shrimp’s behavior. Domestication has played an important role in this behavior. Recent trials in super-intensive culture in the US have successfully reared White Shrimp at stocking densities over 800 PL/m2.

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