Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mobile Aerator for Shrimp Farming

Farming shrimp for over 30 years, electricity is always a problem. Can’t believe mobile aerator really cut down on that needless cost.”

Shared by a shrimp farmer in Pintung, Taiwan, one of the mobile aerator users.

Why is mobile aerator so good?

Mobile distance: 100~150 meter

Electricity & Usage

Well, saving is earning, if you are tired of the repeatedly waste, and really want your shrimp to be competitive, email me right now. And in the end, a 30-sec youtube video of mobile aerator is below.

The most important 30 sec video for your shrimp and fish, Mobile Aerator
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  1. this project looks plausible enough. and does seem like a nice convenience for the are. what is better if it cares about the ecosystem too. keep us posted with more

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